How to Landscape Your Home

Step by step landscaping design for your custom or current home

Landscape your home

Home landscaping is the process of creating an exterior environment around your home to increase curb appeal and enjoyment for the home owners and public.

Whether you have completed your own landscaping before or are completely new at it, most people can become overwhelmed by the different choices that can be made in the process. If you plan on tackling it yourself on a newly built custom home, or simply re-doing your yard for pleasure, there are a few principles that we follow as a home builder in Edmonton Alberta that work for us.

Remember, If you don’t plan on doing yourself, it is always beneficial to be involved in the design and planning. A properly planned out yard can drastically increase the property value and the owners own satisfaction.

Determine what you want

1. The first step we take as a custom builder is to determine the needs and wants of a client. We ask questions such as, does your family want a patio to entertain? Will you kids need a place to play? Does your family enjoy gardening or producing vegetables? Taking the time to determine these needs is the most crucial step. This will ensure nothing gets missed and everything that is wanted in a yard is included. Sit down with the family, make a list, and go over it multiple times.

Plan out the locations

2. Once you know what you want for landscaping, you will now have to properly plan out the location of the different features. For example, if your family is putting in a garden, make sure it is located in the most southern exposure and in direct line with the sun. For a patio, check to see if larger trees or even your house can shield the wind and rain. This is crucial to the sucess of your design.

Lastly, most yards will have a focal point when entering the area. Try to imagine where most people would look when admiring your home. Whether it is a fireplace in the back or a garden in the front, find these areas, and make sure they are designed with the greatest importance.

Get the design ideas

3. Once you have finalized the different landscape features and the location of these items, take some time to look at different design ideas. A great place to start would be houzz for example, and review different articles similar to your chosen design.

If we build a custom home for a client, we will ask them to complie groups of pictures of the features they like. We then take the time to go over list, discuss feasibility, and help finalize the final design.

Reviewing design ideas online is key. Knowing exactly what you want to put in before you start will save time and money.

Start landscaping

4. Now that the design is finalized, you can begin landscaping. If you plan on tackling the project yourself, don’t be afraid to start small. Most people who watch home renovation shows on HGTV for example believe landscaping is one of the quickest and easiest processes in a custom home build or renovation. However, it’s not. Home and garden television shows portray that a full yard to be landscaped can be completed in as little as three days. This can with done with a very large experienced crew, but will most likely end up looking messy and unfinished. If you simply acknowledge that landscaping is going to take time and patience, you will most likely be  satisfied with the end result.

Be open to change

5. Last but not least, be open to change. Whether landscaping for yourself, or getting a custom home builder to do it for you, there will be changes as the job progresses. You will realize that design ideas may not work with your yard, are potentially too difficult to complete, and can have changes in thoughts on the features you have initially picked.

By being open, patient, and accepting of change, following these simple steps will truley produce a yard that will add significant value and enjoyment to your home.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

How a New Construction Mortgage Works

New Construction Mortgages – How Draw and Completion Mortgages Work

Construction Mortgage

New construction mortgages are very different that that of a resale home.

Traditional mortgages on an already constructed house allows the lender to hold your home as collateral if you default on your payments. These are resale mortgages and are by far the most common type. With new houses under construction, people must remember that the lender who provides the mortgage may not even have a home as collateral for loan security. This is because the home is in the process of being built. If an issue arises with the homeowners’ job for example due to unexpected circumstances, what would happen to the lenders funds tied up in the build? A fair amount would probably be lost or the builder could be stuck with an unfinished custom home. For these reasons, this is why it may be slightly harder to get a mortgage on a new custom build.

A new construction mortgage allows a homeowner to borrow money from a lender to pay for the construction of their home throughout the building process. There are primarily two types of new construction mortgages for a custom home. A draw mortgage (the most common) and a completion mortgage.

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