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Our Process

As an Edmonton custom home builder, we constantly see the city’s needs of wanting to construct uniquely built home increasing. Therefore, our goal is to surpass all client expectations and become the Edmonton custom home builder of choice.

We design and construct our homes to stand the test of time, and guarantee that our workmanship is second to none. Furthermore, Poetry Homes only uses the highest quality of products and puts the greatest emphasis on lifelong service. In the end, we work with the client through every step, to make the process easy and enjoyable while bringing all visions to life. 

We can build luxury homes, modern infills, and custom designed acreages suited to any individual’s needs.


Design Edmonton

Determine The Style

We take the time to help you determine the type of custom home you want.  In the end, our goal is to help design the style of home that fits your needs

Edmonton Custom Home Builder

Design And Build

After you determine what you want, we work together with you to create a home that is perfect for you

Edmonton Custom Home Builder

Build on Budget and on Time

As one of our forever clients, we make sure that we exceed all of your expectations and construct a custom home on time and on budget

Our Custom Home Building Promise

custom home builder edmonton

True Quality

At Poetry Homes, we make sure your home lasts a lifetime. With extreme variations in weather in Edmonton, we guarantee our products are of the highest quality

Past Projects

True Service

Building your custom home is only one part of the process. Therefore, If anything ever happens to you, we make sure that you are taken care of for a lifetime. 

custom home builder edmonton

On Time and on Budget

To this day, we have never delivered our final product behind schedule or over budget. With this said, we make sure that our great customer satisfaction will determine our companies reputation

We work with you, Not For you

As one of the city’s most trusted custom builders, we believe that having true transparency with our clients is the best approach. First, when we start a new project, we allow the clients to have access to all of the information we use to budget the build. Second, we share pricing, timelines, and all of our management fees. Our priority is to make sure that you feel comfortable and are completely included in your project. Overall, Poetry Homes guarantees that there will be no undisclosed charges as a custom builder.  


Our home building Innovative Approach

As an Edmonton custom home builder, we believe no home in the city should be the same. First and foremost, we take time to collaborate with top construction experts around Alberta to design a perfect home for our client. Because of this, we have access to products all over the world, and also have accounts with numerous home furnishing companies to give more diversity in design. Our core team has a wide range of skills to make sure that your expectations are greatly surpassed.

Our Values

At Poetry Homes, our team shares the same core beliefs of quality, transparency, honesty, and service. While building custom homes can be stressful, we take care of you to make sure the entire process is enjoyable for everyone. As a family run business, our objectives and goals will always align with our clients. Because of this, we can bring any ideas to life as custom builders.

Our Location

Feel free to let us know if you want to discuss a project or simply ask any questions. We may not be at the office at the time so please send us a message, an email, or give us a call. We would be happy to meet up and help you out as custom builders!

Building an custom home can be challenging for many reasons. First, with the ever so changing economics, you want to make sure your home is designed to be a timeless masterpiece. We take the time to design your home, create the architectural plans, and collaborate with you to make sure that your design is put to paper. Second, once the custom building starts, we make sure that the quality of the new home is exceptional. As an Edmonton custom home designer and acreage home builder, we see a wide range in weather variations that can take a great toll on the durability of a home. We counter this by offering exceptional service and using the best products on the market. Lastly, after the home is built, you are considered a lifelong client. Whenever you need us, we are just a phone call or message away. You can look at our testimonials to believe that we really take care of you. 

Custom Home Builder Edmonton

Overall, Poetry Homes as one of the top custom builders in Edmonton has a near perfect track record. We always come in on time and on budget.  We create a stress free experience for our clients, and our commitment to you is 100 percent.  Right from our founder and all the way down to our in field workers, everyone’s vision remains the same. Everyone is hired with the same philosophy in mind. Because of this, we produce superior quality homes. In conclusion, we promise that we will stand out among all competitors as the one of the best custom home builders in Edmonton. 

Renovation Expert Edmonton

Just remember, while custom home building is our specialty, we also renovate existing homes. Similarly, both building new homes and renovations contain many of the same steps. As a result, we can bring all home visions and ideas to life. Check out our renovation page or feel free to contact us to see if we can help you. In the end, we would love to hear from you! Your satisfaction is our greatest focus.