7 Unique Features to Include in your Custom Home

7 design ideas that can make your custom home stand out from the rest

Custom Dining Room

When you decide to build and design a custom home, it is important to create a space that suites your lifestyle. The home you create should reflect your personal taste while allowing you to have a greater sense of enjoyment relative to a non-customized build. I will highlight 7 of the most contemporary options to add into a newly constructed home.

1. A Large Formal Dining Room

Probably the most elegant feature of a custom home would be to create a large formal dining room.  If entertaining guests and hosting family gatherings is something you do, setting aside a large space for a beautiful seating area will significantly add satisfaction to your new build. Adding beams, large light fixtures (in the photo above), and traditional finished carpentry, are simple techniques used to tweak the dining room to your liking. Most of our custom builds will include this feature.

2. A Spa Bathroom

Year after year, I have noticed more people building  spa-like bathrooms to have a place to retreat at the end of the day. Some of the best custom home builders in Edmonton Alberta add features such as spacious walk in showers, benches in the bathroom, large windows near the bathtubs, and even instantaneous steam units (for a steam room). Other unique features that can be added could include heated floors, ambient lighting, and multiple shower heads as well. 

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3. An Outdoor Kitchen/Patio

Consider adding a combination outdoor kitchen/patio set up to your custom build. You can create a perfect place to cook while enjoying the outdoors in the summer months in Edmonton Alberta.  Adding additional features such as waterfalls, stone seating areas, and cooktop/grilsl can make your custom home more fun and enjoyable in the warmer months of the year. You can get more ideas for an outdoor set up by reading our landscaping article as well.

4. A Home Office

If you enjoy working from the place you call home, adding a home office can offer significant benefits to your life. Dependent on the type of work you do, make sure you properly plan out an office with your home builder to guarenttee your needs are met.

5. A Wine Cellar

If you enjoy drinking and serving your guests wine, adding a wine cellar to your custom home will drastically increase your satisfaction with your new build. Most homeowners will include a climate controlled setting that can be synced to the appropriate storing temperature of the wine you purchase. Once this is set up, your wine will be kept at the appropriate temperatures until finally served. If a wine cellar is too large for your build, you should consider converting a portion of the kitchen to accommodate a wine fridge. Here is the link to a wine fridge that our last client put into their custom home in Edmonton Alberta.

6. A Smart Home System

With technology advances year after year, many homeowners take advantage of adding cutting edge smart systems into their new home. As an Edmonton custom home builder, we have aded various systems that allow the homeowner to control their blinds, temperature, humidity, locks, appliances, and even cameras with a simple click on their phone. People are having the option to have more control over the various features stated above by downloading different apps on their smartphones or tablets. Many of these options are easy to install, with others being more challenging. A great music surround system that can easily be retrofitted into an existing home is the sonos platform.

7. A Rooftop Terrace/Large Windows

Having a rooftop terrace in your custom home will allow you to take advantage of the previously unused space of your roof. By simply making the roofing membrane more durable to support constant foot traffic, you can add a new terrace in your build with low cost. If your home is a two story house, a rooftop balcony will give you ability to have 3rd story views of the surrounding. For example, one of our custom homes in Lendrum Edmonton has breathtaking views of the entire University of Alberta farmland from 25 feet up. If a rooftop patio isn’t for you, you can also consider adding extra large windows to open up your home. However, as a custom home builder in Edmonton, it is important to note that adding very large windows will add significant cost to your new home. 


When building your custom, take the time to highlight all of the unique features you wish to include before the design phase begins. This will lower costs of the construction, save time and money, and bring a greater sense of satisfaction with your build. While I have highlighted a select few features that can be added into your home, there are many other additions that can be added to create a new house that fits your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.