Poetry Homes 2019/2020 – Our Custom Home Building Process and Approach

Our Approach

Building Custom Homes in Edmonton Alberta- 2019/2020

We Pay Significant Attention To Detail

Our success depends on you loving your home forever. When we build a custom home, we view it as a reflection upon our team and our business. We pay close attention to all the details you want in a home, while helping you find other details that were not thought of at first glance. From unique safety features designed for families with children, all the way to smart home systems, our teams ultimate goal is to make a place that you and your family feel completely comfortable in. We get the details right, make a beautiful house for you, and you get a home that is yours to every last detail. 

We Ask Questions, And We Listen

We strongly believe that honest two way collaboration is key to getting the custom home you and your family has always wanted. Our company greatly values trust and integrity, which can give you confidence to put the design and construction of your dream home into our hands. We work together with you along the entire journey, and make decisions as an entire team as the project evolves. By asking detailed questions and listening attentively, you will truly get the home of your vision.

Our Building Process - 2019-2020

Our construction management process will give you unprecedented control over all the decisions that matter to you. Everything that takes place is Transparent, so you can see the cost of anything that happens in the build. Our company has no hidden fees, and the cost of building your custom home is our cost, plus a fixed construction fee. We guarantee to build the best home for your budget, on time, as smoothly as possible. As we know that changes always take place in the construction of a home, we pride ourselves in making sure that alterations are as easy and cost effective as possible. Because we make sure that our interest align with yours, you and your family will get the most input and control over decisions and changes related to your home. 

Our success depends on your satisfaction, and we as a company are truly not happy until we exceed all of your expectations.


Our Design Process - 2019/2020

We combine our design and construction experiences with your vision to bring your dreams to reality. Our company will make sure your custom home will be a combination of 100% functionality with complete comfort; and the build will be on time and on budget. 

With your vision, we will carefully craft a floor plan that includes all the details you want in a home while using your build site efficiently. Once the intrinsics are finalized, we can pick finishes and fixtures that will make your home unique to you. We can make 3d images, alterations to floor plans, and pick colours to differentiate your build.  Once we finalize plans that makes both parties happy, we can put together a budget that fits for you and your family, and start bringing your vision to life.

Poetry Homes truly builds with honesty, integrity, and will always put your satisfaction first

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