Our Process

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We Transform Your Home Vision into Reality

At Poetry Homes, we work together with you while also collaborating with with top construction experts around Alberta.  Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information and expertise to ensure your home build exceeds all expectations. Overall, our goal is to make the entire process easy, enjoyable, and worry free

Custom Home Builder

The first step is to figure out the the style of home you like, feel free to take a look at some of our recent or current projects

After you determine the style, figure out all of the intrinsic features you would want in a dream home

Send us a message, and hopefully we can sit down to see if we can fulfill your expectations

We take everything into consideration, and work with you until we can design a home that brings your vision to life

We take Care of you
and the environment

As a custom home builder in Edmonton Alberta, there can be a great amounts of waste during the demolition and construction of a build. Therefore, we make sure that everything reusable is salvaged, and other materials we cant use is forwarded to someone who can use it. While our main goal is to surpass your expectations and truly build a home that is perfect for you, we strongly pride ourselves in the ability to salvage, reuse, and collect less waste than any other home builder in Edmonton and surrounding. Above all else, we take the time to deliver the best quality product.

After The Build

As one of our forever clients, we will take care of you whenever you need.  Furthermore, if any issues arise later down the road, we will work with you to satisfy the problems and meet your needs. While our warranty exceptional, our promise is that our customer service lasts a lifetime

" Their professionalism, genuine nature, and true passion for design and decor went beyond just the business of home building. The move was seamless, stress free, and Lori was always just a call a way for advice and concerns. I am constantly telling our friends and family that we found the best builder and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Poetry."
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Loma and Bobby
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