Our Process

At Poetry Homes, we do so much more than just building beautiful luxury homes. We help you every step of the way from the initial vision to the completion of your home. We help with the land acquisition, design, construction, and provide on-going maintenance for years to come.

Because of this, you don’t have to wait to contact us until you have a set of architectural plans or a lot to build on. Our input can help you make a proper decision on choosing the lot that suits your needs. Our value is greatly increased if we join in your building journey right from the start.

Poetry’s expert services include:

Land and Lot Acquisition

We work with multiple real estate professionals to help find you the perfect property. Our goal is to make sure the site you choose fits your needs. We confirm that the site is feasible for your home and review all appropriate land restrictions to guarantee you can build what you want. We look at easements, zoning bylaws and much more.

Home Design

As a custom home builder in Edmonton Alberta, our priority is to have strong relationships with our contractors and trades to make sure they can accomplish your proposed style of home. We collaborate closely with architects and engineers to create a home that fits within your cost parameters, design ideas, and prioritized functionality.

Specification Development

We take the time to create a specification book cataloging every component of the project. From plumbing fixtures to paint colours, we make sure you have all the details acessible at your fingertips.

Schedule and Budget

At Poetry Homes, we will obtain subcontractor estimates based on the overall architectural plans and specifications. We will then verify the overall budget of the project. Once this is determined, we will create a schedule with a major decision deadline to make sure nothing gets missed along the way. Our goal is to keep the project within budget and on track.

Project Management

One of the advantages you have working with us is that you have more than one person “trying to do everything” during the home construction process. We provide skilled on site labor that can help catch mistakes and issues that would be missed if they werent there. The project manager will track all aspects of scheduling to see where things stand at any given time. Having both skilled project management and boots on the ground makes sure nothing is missed and guarantees your home is constructed with top notch quality the entire way.

Home Construction

Poetry Homes handles all aspects of construction, from dealing with subcontractors, vendors, architects and inspectors. We resolve any issues as they arise and we use the highest quality building materials and techniques.

Project Completion

Our close out process includes an inspection done by a home inspector. We will then walk through the entire build, explain maintence techniques, and show how everything works. We will fix all deficiencies outstanding and you will receive a close out package with contracts, invoices, documents, manuals and warranties. All photographs of your project will be included as well!

On Going Care

As one of our forever clients, we will take care of you whenever you need. Your servince does not stop on move in day. If any issues arise later down the road, we will work with you to satisfy the problems and meet your needs. While our warranty is exceptional, our promise is that our customer service lasts a lifetime.

Want to Build a Custom Home?

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