Acreage Home Builders

Acreage Home Builders in Edmonton and Surrounding

With years of expertise building custom homes in Edmonton and surrounding area, incorporating modern or traditional design into acreage living is a very easy feat for us to accomplish. With varying design ideas and infinite features that can be incorporated into a home, our goal is to make those visions reality. As custom acreage home builders, we can professionally integrate the environment with the new build so that your acreage home is a place of serenity and enjoyment.

acreage home builders

Custom Designed - Built to Fit Your Vision

Do you currently own the land you want your acreage home to reside on? If not, we can help you find your new home with our partnered realtors. If you already own the land, our team at Poetry Homes can help bring your design on paper to reality. Our company offers turn-key home building solutions from the initial permitting with the cities and counties all the way to fully furnishing a custom build.  We will install and design the utility services and make sure your acreage home fits your dream design. 

Whether you are looking for a small acreage loft or a bungalow, we will carefully take into account all the features you want and tailor the build for you. We can build two stories and outbuildings as well.

Custom Acreage home builder

Acreage Homes To Fit Your Lifestyle

If acreage living in a new home is something you are considering, please feel free to check out our custom home building page or contact us for more information.

It is important to note that our warranty on all our builds is exceptional and our service lasts a lifetime. We take great pride in making sure all of our forever clients are satisfied with the end products and our reputations stands the test of time. From the time we start designing the project until the finished result, we work together with the homeowner and their family to make sure nothing gets missed. Furthermore, we strive to develop a trusting relationship with our clients and their families to make the process as fun and enjoyable.

With our designers, architects, and superintendents in the field, there is no build too tough to accomplish.

At Poetry Homes, our goal is to bring your vision to life as seamlessly as possible.

Feel free to check out our home page or email to learn more.