How New Home Warranty Works in Alberta

New Home Warranty – Alberta ‘s New Home Buyer Protection Act

What is New Home Warranty in Alberta?

New Home Warranty makes sure that all new homes built in Alberta are covered from defects for a period of time.

In 2014, the provincial government in Alberta made every new home built protected under warranty. This warranty was called the New Home Buyer Protection Act.

Home builders in Alberta are now responsible for finding a warranty provider who will make sure that all homes built are to the standards of the Alberta Building Code. Furthermore, these warranty providers have created additional guidelines to improve all construction practices. A warranty provider will also respond to claims regarding issues with new home builds.

As a homeowner in Alberta, you should

1. Research potential builder’s track records and reviews

2. Make sure you understand how home warranty works

3. Understand what is covered under home warranty

It is important to note that a good home builder should be your first contact when it comes to problems with your home. All repairs should be quick and worry free, while claims to your insurance provider should be rare while working with a respected home builder.

What Is Covered?

Under Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act, all of the home’s materials and labor are protected under warranty for 1 year. The home’s distribution systems, the building envelope, and structure, are all protected for a longer period of time. Here is a complete list of what is covered.

1 Year) This includes all of the finishes throughout the home while making sure that they are free of any defects. Overall, this is called Labor and Materials, and some examples include are paint, flooring, and the casings around the house.

2 Years) Building Distribution Systems are protected for 2 years after a new home is constructed.  This includes any defects related to plumbing, HVAC, and electrical components.

5 Years) Your entire Building Envelope is protected for 5 years. This is the entire exterior shell of your home.  This includes the roof, the walls, and other material on the exterior of your building.

10 Years) Your key structural components are protected for 10 years. This includes items such as the foundation and framing. This is called the Building Structure.

It is important to remember that these warranties are minimums. You should check with your builder to see if any of the trades who work on your home have provided longer warranty on their products.

What to do if you have an issue with your new build?

If you have an issue with your new build, your first point of contact should be your builder. They will address the problems you are having and most likely get it fixed.

However, for whatever reason they don’t address the issue while under warranty, you must contact your provider and they will walk you through the further steps.

Conclusion – Alberta New Home Warranty

Understanding how home warranty works is key for the homeowner if future problems arise.

Choosing a good and experienced home builder will address all issues, and provide quality service over time.  Take your time to research new home contractors if you decide to build a new home.

With a good pick, you won’t have anything to worry about.

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