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Infill home building consists of redeveloping an old parcel of land or home to a new one. Basically, we tear down a old house and proceed to build a new one. The perks of this is that you get a custom designed project in mature and beautiful parts of the city. Predominantly, this being in the heart of Edmonton. As infill home builders Edmonton, we focus on architecturally blending newly designed homes with the surrounding landscape of the lot. This creates a custom home surrounded by beautiful trees and a serene environment.

At Poetry homes, this is our focus.  

We work in all of the areas in Edmonton and surrounding to match people with locations  they desire to build their dream infill. Our goal is to find a lot that fits your family, design a tailored home that fits your vision, and execute it on time and on budget. 

Homes we have built, and homes that can be built in Edmonton

At Poetry Homes, we have expertise in building all types of infills in the city. From duplexes to subdivisions, the process is very similar. 

Dependent on the type of zoning your home resides on and the lot size, there are many options for the style and size of your project. The most common infills in the city are:


Probably the most common infill in Edmonton. A bungalow can be built on any residential lot, with most layouts acceptable. This is the easiest infill, dependent on architectural guidelines and such, to get to build phase.

2 Story Attached

Just as common as a bungalow home, a two story attached can be built on most lots. There are very few conditions in which a two story home cannot be built in Edmonton

2 Story Detached

infill home builders edmonton

Like above, two story detached homes can be built on most lots in Edmonton. When there is a back alley with neighbouring homes with detached garage, this is the style of home you are limited to. However, the option of applying for a variance can allow you to have a 2 story attached if the city approves.


Duplexes can be constructed on as little as 33ft wide lots. Doing this will limit you to a front-back duplex (where the home is staggered). Duplexes can be built on RF3 lots.

Subdivisions (2 Homes)

As infill home builders Edmonton,  subdivision are becoming more common year after year. The requirements to subdivide a lot is that the front is 7.5 wide and the parcel of land is 250m2 after the subdivision.

Garden or Garage Suites

Garage suites or garden suites are becoming more popular in the inner city. You have the option to convert your current garage into a livable place on ground level (garden) or above the garage (garage suite).

Custom Infill Builders Edmonton

If building a new home on a currently occupied lot is something considered, feel free to ask us how it can be done.  We can let you know the type of homes that can be built, as well as the rough square footage. 

At Poetry Homes, we make ourselves available to help, free of charge.