Pre-owned vs. Custom Homes? Some Reasons to Build a New Home in Edmonton

custom home

Advantages of Building a New Custom Home in Edmonton

1. Energy Efficiency and Savings

In the modern building world, designing an energy efficient home is one of the most important features in a custom home. When comparing a new home to a preowned, older homes may not have products such as triple pane windows, proper insulation around the home, and a properly sealed exterior that makes the home air tight to prevent infiltration. This means that utility bills can be exceptionally high, with increased risk of molds and other long term damages as well. 

All of our homes at Poetry are built with high efficient appliances, triple pane windows, with most custom homes incorporating in-floor radiant heat in the concrete slabs (one of the most efficient ways to heat a home!). They are all properly sealed, air-tight, with many having extra insulation going on the exterior above the sheathing. We use energy efficient appliances, as well as building material, and will make sure your utility bills are low.

2. Home Warranty

All of our homes built are covered with the Alberta New Home Warranty program. This means that if anything goes wrong, we are here to help you. 

Building a custom home can be challenging process. Many trades are involved in the construction of a new house with a huge variety of building products being installed at any given time. This means that regardless of manufacturing, or workers installing building products, human errors can unfortunately surface, leaving the issue to be addressed.

However, our construction team at Poetry Homes is always on standby, guaranteeing that we will always stand by our clients.  Our promise is that we will make are selves readily available for whatever issues may arise; providing our clients with peace of mind and comfort in the years to come after their custom home is complete.

3. Designed Specifically For You

Their are many unique styles of homes that can be built in any climate (especially Edmonton). You can get ideas from different websites such as Houzz, House Beautiful, and Fresh Home.

Unless you decide to completely gut your house and spend money on renovations, you won’t get the home you want. Building a custom home in Edmonton will allow you to express complete freedom in design and construction. Ultimately, your limit is your imagination. As custom home builders Edmonton, we have interior and exterior designers who tailor your home exactly to your designs.  Everything is completely personal and your vision becomes reality.

4. Improved Quality of Life

According to a study by Alair Homes, building a custom home can improve your quality of life. More homeowners say they spend increased time with friends and family in their new homes with family life improving. Other individuals say their kids have had higher grades with fewer visits to physicians. Whether or not the last statement is completely accurate, I do believe that living in a home completely tailored to you adds enjoyment and satisfaction to your life.  When comparing preowned to a new home, a custom home can improve your quality of life.


As custom home builders in Edmonton and surrounding, we find that new homes add significant value in different areas. The decreased utility bills, energy savings, and improved quality of life, are some of the benefits of designing your own home. Having home warranty for the years to come can bring comfort and an ease of mind knowing that issues may arise in the future.

As custom builders and designers, we truly believe that having a home tailored to you beats preowned. 

Please feel free to check us out if you have any questions in the future.