The Top 10 Neighbourhoods In Edmonton 2021

The top 10 neighbourhoods in Edmonton 2021 are subject to biases. That is why the 10 selected communities below are based on the most written about neighbourhoods and family favourites across many websites and articles.

Top 10 neighborhoods in Edmonton Alberta Canada to live in 2021

If you plan on relocating to Edmonton Alberta, make sure to find the most ideal neighbourhood to live in. Everyone has their own reasons why they prefer one neighborhood over the other. It could be due to different amenities, schools, crime rates, property prices, or even the type of properties in the area. However, certain neighbourhoods in Edmonton Alberta are very popular and will always find the top the list when ranked as favourites.

In this post, we are going to have a look at the top 10 neighbourhoods in Edmonton Alberta that are best to live in 2021.

architecture bridge building buildings
Downtown Edmonton Alberta
  1. Ritchie

Ritchie is one of the most popular residential neighborhoods in South-east Edmonton. It’s named after Robert Ritchie who was the first owner of the Ritchie Mill as well as a former mayor of Strathcona city.

Ritchie is a well-developed neighborhood that is ideal for millennials, young professionals, and young families. Residents here enjoy a very nice ambiance of nightlife thanks to nearby downtown, Mill Creek Ravine, and Old Strathcona. It has rich cafés and a cycling culture as Mill Creek Ravine is one of the top cycling spots.

Richie has a population of 4,194 according to the 2012 census statistics. The Ritchie community league was established in 1992 to represent the community. It’s responsible for running a community hall and other outdoor facilities along 98 Street and 77 Avenue.

Escuela Mill Creek Elementary school, Ecole Joseph-Moreau junior high school, and the Learning Store are the 3 popular schools in Ritchie. In the 2017 spring season, the Ritchie community joined hands to build the Richie market which is located along 96th street and 76th avenue. This modern trading facility houses the most popular cafes, restaurants, shopping stores, and a brewing company. 

Types of residence in the Ritchie neighborhood include; single-family homes, condominiums, and duplexes. The median home price in the Ritchie neighborhood is $311, 377.

2. Strathcona

For those who love nightlife, Strathcona is another great neighbourhood in Edmonton Alberta. It’s also a great destination for both international and local tourists thanks to its historic culture charm and unmatched entertainment joints.

Strathcona is known as the most romantic neighbourhood in Edmonton city as it offers some of the best live music and theatre performance. Strathcona is the headquarters of the Edmonton International Fringe Festival which is one of the biggest theatre festivals globally.

 It’s strategically located just next to downtown, Queen Elizabeth Pool, Whyte Avenue, and in close proximity to the University of Alberta campus and river valley. 

Strathcona was named after Lord Strathcona, the Hudson’s Bay Company governor (1889-1914). Strathcona’s population as of the 2012 municipal census was 8,984 persons. 

Some of the most popular parks and open spaces include; E.L Hill Park, End of Steel Park, Mill Creek Ravine Park, Strathcona  Park, and Queen Elizabeth Park.

Some of the best schools that one can take their children include; Elk Island public schools, Elk Island schools, and Conseil Scolaire Center. The median price for homes in the Strathcona neighbourhood is $384,781.

3. Garneau

Garneau is one of Edmonton’s most popular historic neighborhoods and it has an entire block that is dedicated to showing how the early inhabitants lived before modernization. It was named after Laurent Garneau who arrived here in 1874 together with his wife Eleanor.

The modern Garneau is now a vibrant neighborhood with a mix of both residential and business vibe. The University of Alberta is located here hence, giving it a university life. The famous 109 Street is a modern business hub where locals and visitors go shopping for a wide variety of products. The iconic Garneau Theatre which was built in 1940 by architect William Blakey is also located here.

88 Avenue is a popular spot for dining and entertainment with some of the most preferred joints being The Sugar Bowl, High-Level Dinner, and the Red Bike shop which is one of the cyclists’ favorites joint. 

Nearby schools include; Garneau Elementary School, St. John’s Institute, and the University of Alberta. According to the 2012 municipal census, Garneau had a population of 9,648 with the majority of them living in condominiums. The median price for homes in the Garneau neighborhood is $496,406.

Garneau Restaurants

4. Aspen Gardens

Aspen Gardens is a residential neighborhood in South-west Edmonton overlooking the famous Whitemud Creek Ravine. It was built between 1960 and 70s to serve as an alternative dwelling for a fraction of Edmonton residents who wanted to work in the city but live in a quiet, spacious, and luxury estate.

Aspen Gardens offered the required larger than average-sized lots that were ideal for building a luxury estate. Today, Aspen Gardens is home to some of the most affluent in the city and it’s not as densely populated as other neighborhoods. That’s why it has one of the lowest crime rates in Edmonton city.

Some of the best schools in Aspen Gardens include; The Vernon Barford Junior High School and Westbrook Elementary School. 

Aspen Gardens is represented by the Aspen Gardens community league. Residents can join the league at affordable rates and enjoy access to some of the best outdoor activities such as swimming, soccer, festivals, and music. It also offers a unique opportunity for residents to interact with each other.

Aspen Gardens prides itself of beautiful luxury homes mostly single-family dwellings. It also has fully grown trees, nice pathways for both pedestrians and cyclists as well as restaurants and entertainment joints. The median price for homes in the Aspen Gardens neighborhood is $688,475.

5. Greenfield

 Greenfield is also a residential neighborhood in Southwest Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Greenfield is also known as Petrolia since there is a famous small shopping center called Petrolia. It was named after Herbert Greenfield the premier of Alberta from 1921 to 1995.

The majority of residents here live in single-family homes although there are many apartments and duplexes for renting. Greenfield is easily accessible from 111 Street gate, LRT stations, and from Century Park.

According to the 2012 municipal census, Greenfield had a population of about 3,640 with a higher average household income than other Edmonton cities. Mobility in and out of the Greenfield neighborhood is enhanced thanks to the well-organized road network and public transport. 

The community is represented by the Greenfield community league which organizes events, games, and programs for both kids and adults as affordable membership rates.

Some of the best schools that serve young families in Greenfield neighborhoods are; Greenfield Public School, St. Stanislaus Catholic Elementary School, and Academy for Maths and Sciences. 

The average price for homes in the Greenfield neighborhood is $524,700. 

6. Glenora

Glenora is a residential neighborhood in Edmonton, Alberta Canada that is overlooking the magnificent North Saskatchewan River Valley. Glenora has a vibrant and active community. Royal Alberta Museum and Alberta Government House are some of the unique places that you should visit.

According to the 2012 municipal census, Glenora had a population of 3,514 persons. It has a high number of residents due to its close proximity to Downtown and River Valley. Most of the homes in the Glenora neighborhood are old-styled and they are single-family dwellings on large lots.  Glenora neighborhood features mature trees, pristine streets, and magnificent and spacious parks.

There are four schools in Glenora which are; Glenora Elementary School, Westminster Junior High School, St. Vincent Catholic Elementary School, and Progressive Academy ( private school).

The median price for homes in the Glenora neighborhood is $1,053,485.

7. Queen Alexandra 

Queen Alexandra offers a mix of both residential and commercial development. It was once part of Strathcona city and it was named Alexandra after the wife of Edward VII of England.

Queen Alexandra is located near Whyte Avenue on the North, 104 Street on the East, 109 Street on the West, and 70 Avenue to the South. This neighborhood is also near the University of Alberta and it has beautiful old-style homes. 

However, it has recently recorded new condominium development projects.  The median price for homes in Queen Alexandra is $ 391, 358. Residents of Queen Alexandra can easily access the downtown either through 109 or 104 street.

The total population according to the 2012 municipal census was 4,694. Four schools serve the Queen Alexandra neighborhood and they include; Duggan Street/Queen Alex School, Queen Alexandra Elementary School, Strathcona Composite High School, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Schools.

Some of the famous recreational facilities in Queen Alexandra neighborhoods are; Alexander Circle, Rollie Miles Athletic Field, Strathcona Leisure Center, Southside Athletic Grounds, and Southside Arena.

8. Downtown 

Downtown is the central business district of Edmonton, Alberta. It’s conveniently located at the geographical center of Edmonton city. When in Downtown, it’s easier to access other nearby neighborhoods via 109 Street on the West, 105 Avenue on the North, 97 Street to the East, and 97 Avenue to the South. Downtown is also adjacent to the North Saskatchewan River on the Southeast side. 

According to the 2014 Edmonton municipal council census, Downtown had a population of 13,148. Various institutions provide quality education in downtown. They include;  MacEwan University Campus, Alberta College, NorQuest College, Center High Public School, Boyle Street Educational Center, and Grandin Elementary school.

Downtown is the home to the Arts District, the magnificent Churchill Square among other historical landmarks, and reach cultural heritage. Some of the best bars and restaurants that one can dine and rave include; Underground Tap & Grill, Fionn MacCool’s, Baiju, Tzin Wine & Tapas, and Sorrentino’s Downtown.

The average price for homes in the Downtown neighbourhood is around one million.

9. Oliver

Oliver is a residential neighborhood in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It was named after Frank Oliver one of the earliest residents and a politician. The neighborhood is densely populated because it’s centrally located and represents a good opportunity for both business and investment. 

According to Edmonton’s 2014 municipal census, Oliver had a population of 19,135. Oliver prides itself with some of the most beautiful walkways in Edmonton city. The Southeast part of Oliver is commonly known as Grandin and this is where you will find Grandin LRT Station and Grandin School.

Because, Oliver is centrally located, many residents here find it very accessible and many amenities and facilities are just a few meters away. You can choose to either walk or ride when exploring this neighborhood to discover recreational areas, restaurants, and entertainment joints.

Oliver is one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods and that’s why you will likely come across older homes mostly single-family in different parts of the neighborhood. There are newer apartments and condominiums which are coming up to accommodate the high demand for housing by renters.

If want to go and shop or have fun in Oliver, Jasper Avenue is the best place to go. It’s Edmonton main Street and it’s filled with shops, restaurants, entertainment joints, coffee shops among other key amenities that you may desire. Nearby amenities and recreational facilities include; Royal Glenora Club, Victoria Golf Course, and Park.

Oliver residents use the High-Level Bridge and Groat Bridge to access the Southside of the River Valley. Some of the schools that residents take their children include; Oliver School, Edmonton Catholic Schools, and Grandin Elementary School.

The average price for homes in the Oliver neighborhood is $353,842.

10. Westmount

Westmount is a well-developed residential neighbourhood located in Southwest Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It’s very close to the Downtown core and bounded by 111 Avenue to the north and Groat Road to the west. The Southern region of Westmount is also known as Groat Estates. 

Westmount’s construction history dates back to 1910 when there was a need to construct homes for young professionals. It has experienced gradual growth since then although this tight-knit community has remained unchanged since the 1980s.

It has a long-term record of active citizenship, civic pride, and friendly residents. Westmount is home to the famous West-Edmonton Mall. Residents of this neighborhood are welcoming and friendly. There are many social amenities including recreational parks, shopping malls, bars, and eateries. 124TH Street and 102nd Avenue are some of the best places that you can visit for shopping and entertainment.

There are different types of homes in the Westmount neighborhood to accommodate those individuals who prefer single-family residences, apartments, or modern condominiums. The median home price in the Westmount neighbourhood is $491,104.

The Top 10 Neighbourhoods in Edmonton 2021

The best 10 neighbourhoods in Edmonton for 2021 were based on written popularity and rankings from many different sites and articles. That is why it is completely subject to an individuals biases.

If there are any questions, feel free to reach out to Poetry Homes. As a custom home builder in Edmonton Alberta, they have extensive knowledge understanding what each neighbourhood can offer for a families wants and desires.

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