Home Renovations Edmonton

Home Renovations Edmonton

Edmonton Home Renovation and Design

A home renovation can allow you to change the way you connect with your home and your surrounding area. Whether it is to simply update your bathrooms or to remodel your entire house, renovating allows individuals to create new memories that last a lifetime. Overall, while many home renovations can be challenging, our team has the expertise to bring all visions to life. Please feel free let us help you determine if your ideas can be created in your living space. 

Bathroom Renovations

Have you ever dreamed of having your bathroom’s redone? We can make that come true. Bathrooms, especially the master en-suite, can add the most value to a home. As a home renovation expert, we know that a simple upgrade of the bathrooms will add to the intrinsic value of your home

home renovations edmonton
Home building

Full House Renovations

If you are on the fence of building a new home but are happy with the neighborhood you are in, feel free to contact us to see if a complete remodel of your home makes sense. Ultimately, a properly executed renovation can make an old home look brand new!

Before and After

Home Renovation Is your Decision

As a professional builder in Edmonton Alberta, we are confident to surpass client expectations. First, we have ALWAYS been on time and on budget. Second, our skills and expertise has allowed us to tackle every job we have ever started. We use the highest quality of products and renovate homes with the mindset of increasing the overall value for the owner. Renovations gives individuals the chance to create new memories and reconnect with their home.

“Their Professionalism, genuine nature, and true passion for design and decor went beyond just the business of home building. The move was seamless, stress free, and Lori was always just a call a way for advice and concerns. I am constantly telling our friends and family that we found the best builder and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Poetry”
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Are home renovations edmonton right for you?

Like almost everything in life, the products used to construct your home are subject to wear and tear. Over time, emerging trends and new materials will reshape your vision for a finished home. In simple terms, you may want to change the style of your house or completely refresh it. While many of our clients are on the fence of building a new home, they may in the end decide to renovate it. 

Renovating can be an affordable alternative compared to selling an existing home and building new. Overall, if you love the area you live in but are feeling tired of an old, and dated home, please feel free to take the time to see if renovation is right for you.

Make home renovation fun and exciting

When you renovate your home, you have the ability to customize your space. Renovations allows you to change the way you interact with your home. You will be able to create new memories in your remodeled house while still having the ability to cherish all of the old ones. You now have the option to feel great hosting parties if that is what you choose and can even craft your surrounding so you can age in place. 

Our Core Values

At Poetry Homes, the entire team is ready to design and bring your ideas to life. Ultimately, there is no end to the possibilities that exist when planning a renovation.  We believe honesty and integrity is key are the most important qualities to do an amazing job. We make sure, or at least voice our opinion, if the renovation at hand can jeopardize the value that is invested in your home.

home renovations edmonton

Why Work With Us

We Add Value

As a custom home builder, we have great foresight and the ability to see value in a home renovation.

We are on Budget

We always give you the budget. There are no undisclosed costs or fees that will surprise you.

High Quality Products

Due to the wide variations in weather, we only use the products of the highest quality and the greatest durability.

Exceptional Service

We believe that lifelong service is key to keeping our customer satisfaction at exceptional levels.

We are on Time

Building on budget is key, but building on time is just as good. When we give you our timeline, we make sure that we can hit our target.

We Bring Expertise

Our team consists of engineers, designers, and red seal tradesman. Our entire crew at Poetry Homes is created with an innovative mindset to bring the best possible product to life.

We do Home Renovations in Edmonton and the Surrounding area

At Poetry Homes, we believe that in order to achieve the greatest product and bring all forms of ideas to life, true commitment and collaboration between us and the client must be met.

We try make sure that the project at hand makes financial sense and that the value of the project be an investment.

Our goal is to help you bring your vision to reality, so let us know about your ideas! Don't Forget, we can do small renovations as well such as bathroom, specific rooms, and kitchen renovations as well!