Benefits of Having an Interior Designer for a Custom Home Build

At Poetry Homes, when a new individual asks us to help design the interior of their home, most people don’t realize that there are many different aspects that take place in the design process. It isn’t just an interior layout; like most people think. The designers act as a conductor when it comes to the overall planning of a custom home. They decide on home finishes and d├ęcor that match the homes unique features. Furthermore, their visionary skills can take a 2D drawing and project it into a 3rd dimension, avoiding potential pitfalls that may be missed by the builder and client.

Therefore, our answer is simple. We highly recommend having an interior designer on the team. We will layout some of their highly recognized skills that don’t come to mind at first thought.

An interior designer is a visionary:

Most custom home building companies start with an initial meeting with their client. They first understand what the client wants in a new home build and then takes their new found knowledge to come up with a preliminary drawing that exists 2D. Once the drawing is finished, the builder and client will interpret this blueprint and decide if they want to proceed with the new build. What a designer will do at this step is envision the 2D drawings all the way to the finished product. They can find problems that may arise during the construction while still in planning process. A designer will spend hours and hours with the client, walking them through every step, sparking discussions that will reveal how they would like to inhabit their custom home.

An interior designer knows their materials:

With the endless possibilities of materials that can go into a new home, it is important to have someone who is a guru when it comes to these decisions. For example, a kitchen will require designing the cabinet layout. The type of material and color of the panels must be decided as well. The floor must be picked, the backsplash, what appliances will be put in and where they are located. Decorative and cabinet lighting may also be selected, with the location of outlets and so much more. The interior designer will have the most up to date knowledge and pricing of the most recent material, and what fits with your custom home vision. They can explain the price differences between varying finishes, the longevity of the products, and the valued added to your bottom line if selected.

They plan to perfection:

Constructing a custom home on either an acreage or the city requires proper timing. Making sure the home build progresses as smoothly as possible will require that the builder and interior designer both have extensive knowledge on the details, specifications, and drawings from the build. This ensures nothing will be missed, and allows the builder and designer to make well informed changes during the construction that will bring greater satisfaction to the clients down the line. An interior designer will make critical decisions on behalf of their client, and will make sure materials arrive on site when appropriate. One of the greatest benefits is that they will help minimize work stoppages.

They know their prices:

Interior designers deal with various materials and products day to day. Therefore, they do not fall trap to purchasing the “newest” items that enter the market. They will understand the overall “practical application” of the product and know if it should be purchased to fit into your home. An interior designer will make sure you don’t regret your purchases in years time which will significantly add an intrinsic value to build. They can suggest lower cost alternatives to products that may be too expensive and will make sure that these items last the test of time. By having an interior designer, you will get the biggest bang for your buck.

With time, they will know your family:

This key trait of an interior designer is the greatest feature of all.

By having an interior designer on the team, they will spend endless hours with the client and their family looking over all the aspects of a home build. They will come to understand your family dynamic and perhaps find features in your new custom home that will bring greater satisfaction that you would not have found otherwise. Furthermore, if conflicts arise between partners or families, designers understand how to navigate though these challenges and can find a compromise to make everyone contempt. They think outside the box, and will take note of every family detail they see and project it into a better new home build.

Overall, having an interior designer on your team is one of the most beneficial things you can do while building a custom home. They will help clarify decisions in the planning stages and make sure nothing is missed along the way. They will make sure the clients dreams turn into reality, and guarantee that your home will be loved for the years to come.