Bathroom Renovations – 5 helpful tips to know before renovating your bathroom

Bathroom Renovations - Key Tips To Consider

As a renovation contractor, many individuals forget to discuss all of the possible scenarios when it comes to remodelling their home. Since bathroom renovations is one of the most common upgrades in a house, I will highlight 6 key features that many people overlook when it comes to renovating that space. Remember, as shown in HGTV  bathroom renovations (especially the master en-suite) can add significant value to your home.

1. Lighting

When you add recessed light fixtures throughout your ceiling, you drastically brighten up your bathroom. Don’t forget to add one or two in your shower as well. Putting in recessed lights on dimmer switches will allow you to adjust the intensity of the lights so that the mood can be switched at your control. For the renovation contractor, adding lights during bathroom remodelling is very easy if the entire bathroom is completely updated. The additional cost will be lower as the ceiling is exposed after demolition. Adding the lights at this time is easy, and will add home comfort and value.

2. Plumbing

A practically no cost solution to save yourself from future headache is to ask the plumber to make your bathtub or shower P-trap 2 inches instead of 1-1/2. Most people are surprised when the realize how much hair can clog up their drain. With a 2 inch trap, you will rarely if ever have to snake the plumbing lines. During bathrooms renovations, this will be completed right after the demolition is finished. Make sure you bring this up with your residential home contractor to save yourself from future troubles.

3. Shower Sills and Windows

When renovating your bathroom, ask yourself, where are you going to store your hair products? Decide if you will have a bench in the shower, as you may use this area to store your shampoo and other miscellaneous items. If not, it might make sense to build a recessed ledge beside the shower trim. Hair products without a properly designed storage ledge will create a messy and disorganized look in the bathroom.

Furthermore, talk to your renovation contractor to see if adding a window or a skylight is possible in the bathroom. A home renovation completed with increased natural light not only adds warmth to the area, but can significantly add value to your property. If this is a consideration for you, there is no harm to ask your home contractor on the feasibility and the cost. If you live in Edmonton, you can always contact us.

4. Shower, Tub, Tub Shower or Shower and Tub

Completely dependent on the room layout, your personal preference, and your budget, you must determine if you want a bathtub and a shower in the same space. It is important to figure out how many baths you take in a year, and if you enjoy them. If not, it might make more sense to create a larger shower with the option of adding a steam room. The cost saved by scrapping the tub may cover the costs of a steam generator. If you plan on staying in the home for the next 3 years and enjoy taking baths, put one in. As a home renovation contractor in Edmonton, I strongly believe that you should do what makes you happy. There is no guaranteed way to tell what could appeal to future buyers.

5. Get a Few High-End Materials

It is completely understandable to be economical while renovating your bathroom. However, spending a little extra money on beautiful finishes can drastically increase your homes appeal to future buyers. For example, splurging on a tiled shower instead of a fibreglass one will give you more satisfaction and increase the sale price of your home. Adding a granite countertop with a custom vanity may also be a feasible option. Overall, if you spend a little extra, it may only be money tied up until the house is sold. You will gain a greater sense of enjoyment.

Conclusion - Bathroom Renovations

Completing a full bathroom remodel can be a daunting task. However, with a good home contractor who is experienced in bathroom renovations, the entire process can be easy and enjoyable.  Take your time to decide on the contractor as well. A poorly executed renovation in Edmonton could cost you time and money. 

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