Luxury Home Builders – key considerations when building your dream home

Luxury Home Builders Edmonton - Things to take into account before building a custom home

Whether you are building your first luxury custom home or your second, remembering every detail in the design process is key. Ultimately, by making a checklist, you will make sure the home you build truly reflects your individual style and families personality.  As luxury home builders in Edmonton, I will highlight key considerations to take into account before you dive into the process. You can also check out our custom home building page for more information about our company.

Luxury Home Builders

Make a List

The first thing to do is to make a list of everything you must have in your ideal home. This would include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you would require, if you want a bonus room or a wine cellar. Do you require a large outdoor patio to entertain? Do you need a large and open kitchen for family dinners?

Overall, take your time do create this list. Make sure you note ideas as they come to you while working on this with your family. Having this will help your luxury home builder and architect design a perfect home that suites your needs.

Find The Right Lot

After the list is complete, you may decide to build a luxury home on the lot you already own or purchase a new one. 

The choice will come down to deciding if the lot you own can fulfill your list and make you satisfied for years to come. Ask yourself questions such as; is the neighbourhood I want to live in for the next ten years?  Are there enough trees and is the lot private enough to raise a family? Furthermore, you must also decide if this lot is the right size for you.

If you need help deciding between the two, you can always ask your builder for help or find a good realtor who can find a lot that fits your needs. Luxury home building can be challenging. Therefore take your time to find your ideal lot to build on in Edmonton.


Decide on the Budget

As luxury home builders, many people have trouble deciding if they want to finance the build, pay cash, or do a combination of both. All options however should be discussed and prepared before meeting with your builder (who can also help you with this).

With this preliminary budget, it will help your custom home builder tweak different features in your home to incorporate everything on your list. Ultimately, the budget should be finalized with the help of your builder.

Furthermore, don’t forget to include homeowners insurance, property taxes, or ultility fees into the cost. Rest assured, a good home builder will help finalize your budget and outline “all” expenses and closing costs.

Choosing the right Home Builder and Architect

When you are building a custom home in Edmonton, you can choose to create a brand new floor plan or alter an existing one. Both options will require a skilled home builder and an architect to incorporate all of the key features you want in a home. Here is a list of reputable architects in Edmonton in which you can get ideas from

What you can do to find a home builder is to take a tour of model homes to see the quality of the work. Remember that you must pay key attention to the detail, and always ask any questions you have. 

A good luxury home builder and architect should be flexible, meet with you in person, and discuss their key building process.

Do Your Part

It will take a lot of work for both home builder and home owner to bring all dreams into reality. Ultimately, there will be lots of decisions, meetings, and changes in the schedule to make sure your luxury home can be delivered on time and on budget. Overall, being prepared with a list on the features you want in a house will save a lot of time on changes with delays. Work together, ask questions, and make sure your relationship with the homebuilder is good.  Don’t forget to do numerous walkthroughs.

Conclusion - Luxury Home Builders Edmonton

Building a luxury home can be challenging for many reasons. However, it has been shown that by building a custom home, families can feel a greater sense of security while forming a stronger relationship with each other.  

From my experience, these are the key considerations to take into account before you build a custom home.

1) Make a list of the key features you want in a house (take your time)

2) Decide on the right lot

3) Determine your budget with the help of your builder

4) Choose the right architect a custom home builder

5) Be open to providing help along the way

If you have any questions, please feel free to check out our company, or email myself at