Energy Efficient Home Builders Edmonton – How To Build A Green Home

How To Build an Energy Efficient Home

Energy Efficient Home Builders Edmonton - How To Build a Green Home

In Edmonton Alberta, the most cost effective way to build an green home is to start with a smart design. As an energy efficient home builder Edmonton, It is important to select an expert who is aware of recognizing that not all "green building techniques" are truly cost effective in our climate. To create a healthy and energy efficient home in Alberta, you must select the building products wisely, and still create a beautiful home with the most cost effective - energy efficient solutions.

Energy Efficient Design in Cold Weather

Properly Seal The Building Envelope

Super-sealing the building envelope is most cost effective way to make sure heated or cooled air "stays" within the home. With an airtight seal, it is very important to select an energy efficient way to bring fresh air in to prevent a stagnant air feeling. This is usually done with an HRV (heat recovery ventilator).

Extra Insulate The Building Structure

Doubling up the exterior walls or constructing the home using integrated concrete forms greatly reduces heating costs. Combined with super-sealing the building envelope, these two methods are the most cost effect solutions in our climate to save money. It is important to note that dependent on budget and level you want to offset energy costs, the many levels of home insulating techniques vary in cost while only a few of them are cost effective in the short term.

Select An Energy Efficient Heating System

Radiant In-floor heat is one of the most cost effective ways to keep a home warm. You can combine this system with a forced air furnace, solar heating panels, or supplement the heat with electricity. The heating and cooling system should be designed based on your homes location. An air source heat pump may also be something to consider as well.

Use Highly Insulated Windows And Doors

Selecting triple pane windows and heavily insulated doors greatly reduces heating costs year round. Not only does this increase efficiency, it reduces outside noise and provides a greater sense of security.

Heat The Water Wisely

Keeping heated water is the second greatest energy cost of a home. Dependent on the number of people in your home and the system used to warm your space, selecting an instantaneous heater or coupling the hot water tank with radiant in-floor heat can provide numerous of cost saving advantages.

Use The Sun To Your Advantage

Using the sun adds great advantages. Whether it is using solar voltaic panels, hydronic heating tubes, or designing the home with more south facing windows; these techniques can all can greatly reduce heating costs. As an energy efficient home builder Edmonton, choosing the most cost effective approach is mainly based on the building orientation and lot location.

Create an Airtight home

 As an energy efficient home builder Edmonton, air sealing is generally the most cost effective way to save on heating and cooling your home. Overall, super sealing a home provides comfort and increases air quality. First, all holes must be patched. Second, every crack and seam in the exterior sheathing and must be sealed. An air barrier within the home must be completely continuous to gain the most cost effective savings. Plastic membrane with adhesive calking is the most cost effective way.

energy efficient home builder edmonton
energy efficient home builder Edmonton

Fresh Air Supply

Since super sealing a home is critical to the success of energy efficiency, we now require a continuous source of fresh, moistened, filtered air to combat air tightness. Overall, the air quality of an energy efficient home is healthier and more comfortable than a standard home. This is because all of the air coming into the houses passes through a heat recovery ventilation system. As an HRV expels stagnant air from the inside of a home, it uses the tempered exhaust to heat/cool the incoming fresh air. This not only saves on energy costs, but provides air circulation and screens particles through its filters. An HRV is a must in a home.

Heating and Cooling system

As an energy efficient home builder Edmonton, 40 percent of a the homes energy uses are accounted by heating and cooling. Therefore, reducing the energy required in these processes is essential to having an energy efficient home. Dependent on the location of your property, Solar evacuated tubes on your roof can be added in to supplement radiant in-floor heat as well as domestic hot water. Solar panels (electric) can be added in to provide electricity for equipment as well as house hold appliances. Furthermore, installing an electric air source heat pump that provides heating and cooling in our climate may be your best solution too. Overall, selecting the right heating/cooling system is mainly dependent on your homes location, budget, and how much you want to offset your homes footprint. Please contact myself (Braden) if you have an questions with this.

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As an energy efficient home builder Edmonton, we believe it is highly important to build a beautiful home while making it energy efficient at a cost effective solution. While building custom homes is can be challenging at times, we pride ourselves in the ability to create a green living space as well. Dependent on your home location in Edmonton and how much you want to offset your energy cost, through various solutions and techniques we know that most feats can be accomplished. At Poetry Homes, we take the time to design a custom home, understand your vision, and create a energy efficient space that you will be proud to call your home.

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